Wednesday, April 27, 2005

Wednesday, April 27th 2005

I had to force myself out of bed at 820 this morning. Cloudy days are condusive to sleeping late. I dunked my head under the faucet to get my hair in order, made a light breakfast, and listened to the news. I did not arrive at HCID until 940am.

I spent the morning primarily updating the Event Listings for the MicroCap database. I also wrote a few long emails to the girl working in Minneapolis. I really enjoy our coorespondence, although it is mostly business related, I try to sidetrack the message as much as possible.

I met with Brett and Gaiee to discuss the Research Study. At 1pm a women who was on "My Big Fat Obnoxious Boss" came in to meet for a lunch with Brett. I heard a few good stories from the show.

I left for 502 at 120pm. When I got in I made some lunch and then went to the townhouse on 70th to drop off some things. I stopped in at Bike Heaven, CK's bike was not yet ready, I bought a bike pump instead. I took the dogs for a walk upon my return, I saw Ethan Hawke talking on a cellphone.

At 4 I drank some milk and the did a back workout downstairs. The lady that lives next door to us in 9F propositioned me in the gym. She needs help cleaning her apartment, I offered her my number and told I would be happy to help if the price was right.

I sent in my rebates for the wireless router and touched base with CK who is in Oklahoma City. Simon, Myriam, BK, and myself ate dinner (chicken pot pie, salad, fresh fruit) at 615pm. Molly and James are in The Hamptons cleaning out the house.

After dinner, I had very little to clean up. I was done by 7pm at which point I watched some tv with BK and chatted on IM. I took Nick and Jack on a long walk at 8pm. I left one hour later; on the way out I met Allison, who did prepared some documents for the Charity Polo Match. She gave me the materials, we talked for a while, and then I caught the 6 to 110th.

When I got home I picked up some food at the Deli downstairs. They seem to know me well enough that I do not need to ask for my usual, they just get it ready. I took a shower and watched the last 1/2 of a Deadwood episode. I went to bed before midnight.


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