Monday, May 02, 2005

Monday, May 2nd 2005

It was with some difficulty that I climbed out of bed this morning. I got more than enough sleep, but felt totally unmotivated. I made breakfast at 830 listened to the news and left for HCID.

I worked on many tasks throughout the day. My apathy dissipated within the first hour I was at work. For the most part the day was interesting, very little busy work. I spent most of the morning working on the silent auction for the upcoming polo match. I wrote a lot of emails. I picked up some TP for the office, Brett was low on supplies.

In the afternoon I checked on some listings from Edgar's Online, we got a free subscription as part of a deal we are trying to put together. I used the service to augment our listing of MicroCap companies. I listened to part of an episode of This American Life and learned that over 50% of paperback novels sold are Romance Novels! I revised some copy for the corporate version of our website.

I left work at 530 and took the 6 to 110th. It started raining slightly on the way. I went to the supermarket before I went home to pick up some supplies. I made dinner and then lounged around for the rest of the night. I watched an episode of Carnivale and read. I showered and went to bed around midnight.


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