Sunday, May 01, 2005

Sunday, May 1st 2005

I warm and sunny day greeted me at 1130 this morning. I woke up a few times during the night, but managed to have a good sleep. When I got up I had a few bowls of oatmeal. I updated my blog and watched 1/2 an episode of Carnivale.

I took a car over to Morningside around 130. I met Sanjit at Hartley. We hung out for a bit and then met up with Jess on the steps. I borrowed his ID and used it to gain entry to the gymnasium. I did 35 minutes of rowing and some light lifting.

When I was done I met up with Chris R., he had walked uptown from 23rd. We went to Sanjit's room and hung out. At 5pm Chris and I took a cab crosstown to my house. It was the first time Chris had seen my place. He left at 6pm and I took a shower.

I made a few sandwiches and had some oatmeal for dinner. I watched part of Ocean's twelve and went to bed early, not long after 10pm.


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