Sunday, May 01, 2005

Saturday, April 30th 2005

I woke up at 830 and sat around. I browsed the news and a few forums on my computer. I heated up some chicken, grits, and asparagus for breakfast, left-overs from last night. I watched 1/2 and episode of Carnivale, showered and left for 502 Park.

Before I went in, I walked to Manhattan Ministorage on 420 E. 62nd. I leased a 8' X 10' storage unit for CK from a wirey little person. Such a unit runs $650/month, I'm in the wrong business. I purchased 4 wardrobe boxes and some bubble wrap. I had to get a a cab to help me take them home, we had some trouble stuffing the boxes in the back seat, but were able to do so after a bit of wrangling. I arrived at 120pm.

I unloaded the boxes and then took Nick and Jack on a walk, we stopped off on Fedex/Kinkos on the way. Jack's leg siezed up on him coming back (he is getting old); I had to carry him the last few blocks. When I got to 502 I made some burritos and had some cereal. I finished working on CK's stamp collection, unloaded the dishwasher and wrapped up a large piece of a canopy bed in bubble wrap.

At 430pm BK, CK, and Tio came back from the ballet. I accompanied BK on a long bike ride in the park. I had to walk behind him with an umbrella, as it was raining slightly. I talked by phone with Greg for most of the time. When we returned BK and I practiced piano for a bit. We watched "Biker Build-off". At 630 Myriam, BK, and myself went to Serafina, an Italian restaurant, for dinner. I had the warm spinach salad and goat cheese salad with honey and pine nuts and grilled salmon with lentil and spinach.

We stopped in at Delmonico's to buy Myriam and BK dessert. After returning home I quickly cleaned the kitchen, vacuumed, and mopped CK's room. I took the dogs out when I was done, I took them on the small loop in the park. I touched base with CK before I left at 940pm.

I walked over to Adam's apartment after work. He was there with Sarah and Cookie playing cards. Sanjit and his friend arrived, then Nisha. We hung out on the table in his living room, shooting the shit. At 130, Cookie and Sanjit's friend left. The rest of us went out to a bar in the area. It was full of L.I. kids. We went to one other place before I left after 3. I got a good connection home and went to bed at 430.


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