Sunday, May 15, 2005

Saturday, May 14th 2005

I slept until 930. When I got up I browsed the internet and ate breakfast. At 1030 I showered. I left for work at ten past noon.

Before I got to 502 Park I stopped in at Duane Reade to pick up a prescription for BK. The pharmacist never showed up, so I had to put it off until Monday. I took Nick and Jack out on a walk to Kinkos. At 110 I made a sandwich and ate it on the way downstairs. I met Marla and BK at the door. We climbed into the car which I had reserved.

We drove to 88th and Park to pick up a friend of BK's. We then drove over to the Intrepid, a battleship and museum, on West 46th. It was an interesting place. We wandered around and checked out the displays inside. I would have liked to relax and read more of the plackards, but Marla and I had two 7 year olds to watch. There were a number of interesting planes on the top deck including an earlier iteration of the SR-71 Blackbird.

At 3pm we got back in our car and went to Viand. BK and his friend got chocolate milk shakes, Marla and I had some iced tea. We took a walk in the park and and eventually wandered over to the new townhouse on E70th, we had the car meet us there and then drove BK's friend home.

We stopped in at Petco to get some dog food on the way back. When I got in at 510pm I 1) made a spreadsheet and graphs tracking CK's lifting progress, changed a light bulb, updated BK's schedule, and printed out a calender with some notes. It didn't take me long, I took Nick and Jack on a 40 minute walk when I was done.

When I returned Marla, BK, and myself took the 6 to 23rd and went to 'Bolo' a spanish style restaurant on E22nd. I had the Bolo salad and seared tuna with a white bean mash--The restaurant was very good. We got back at 830pm, I did a quick clean of the kitchen and vacuumed. I took Nick and Jack out at 855 for 40 minutes. When I got back I washed my face and left 502. The day went by quickly, it was enjoyable.

I met up with Nisha, Rustam, and Jill at Adam's apartment at 10pm. We hung out. Nicole showed up at 1130. Rustam and Jill left early--we left the apartment at 130 and went to a bar. I went home via the 6 train at 240am. I got home and wasted time until 4 when I went to sleep.


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