Saturday, August 27, 2005

Saturday, August 27th 2005

I stayed in bed until 1115 although I was up at 8. After I got up I cleaned up a little bit, showered and made breakfast. I left for the Townhouse at 1220pm.

CK wasn't around when I got in so I got to relax for a little while. I used the computer, picked up some groceries, and made some bus reservations on CK's behalf. I took a catnap with Ted in the office.

When CK got back I talked with him for a few minutes and picked up some beverages for tonight. I used the computer some more, called the cable company, but otherwise sat around until we left for dinner.

Myriam, BK and myself went to Planet Hollywood in Times Square. I would have liked to go to a real restaurant, but Myriam has the urge to go. The car picked us up at 555pm and dropped us off at the restuarant. The area was swarming with tourists. The food was horrible. At 735 another car came and drove us back to the T.H.

CK had some friends over for drinks. I was bartender, they left at 845 and I finished cleaning the kitchen. I took Ted on a final walk packed up my things and left the house at 935 pm. I got home and wasted time; I had trouble falling asleep.


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