Saturday, May 07, 2005

Friday, May 6th 2005

I woke up at 915am after an unsatisfactory night's sleep. I wrote a few emails for work (I told Brett earlier this week that I would be taking today off) after making some eggs for breakfast. At 1015 I ventured outside to the 'New Color Beauty Salon' across the street for a haircut. The woman gave me a lot of attention, I don't think they get very many customers who fit my profile.

I showered upon my return and then got dressed. I left my apartment at 1135 and took the 6 train to the N, I got off near Times Square. I met up with Adam and then Mimi at Virgil's BBQ. Dave arrived after we were seated. We ate lunch. I left at 115 and took the N to the 5th Avenue stop.

I stopped in at the Sony Store and another electronics outlet looking for a DVD/VCR combo for CK. They were out of stock. I went to 502 and took Nick and Jack on a walk; I dropped off some copies along the way. When I tried to pick up the copied materials my card would not swipe and the woman got a little irate, even though it was her error. When I returned I went to the Best Buy on 86th and picked up the DVD/VCR player. I picked up the copies from a more knowledgable empoyee on my way back.

I made some calls looking for a Boston Terrier Puppy and installed the player. I also typed up a list of the contents of the copies I had made. They were a bunch of reviews for Larry's show (he is a choreographer). I took Nick and Jack on a short walk, it started raining on the way. I stopped in at Duane Reade to get BK's glycolax.

I practiced piano for a bit with BK, dropped off a package at Fedex, and then heated up dinner. Rosalinda and myself ate at 7pm. We had a large salad, turkey lasagna, and foccacia bread. I cleaned up after dinner and then vacuumed and mopped CK's room. I attempted to program his remote.

I took Nick and Jack out for the final time at 855pm. When I returned I went to the basement and did a chest and shoulder workout. I was really exhausted the whole day but managed to do alright. At 1045 I walked over to Adam's apartment to meet up with him and Dave.

We hung out for a little while, I left at 1215 and took the 6 home from 59th. I showered and went to sleep.


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