Sunday, May 15, 2005

Sunday, May 15th 2005

I got up at 1030 and made a large bowl of oatmeal with milk and toasted walnuts. I hung around my apartment wasting time...a luxury I enjoy on Sunday morning. At 1pm I got dressed and took the six train to Chris Reese's apartment.

Jason was in for the weekend, he had a conference to attend on Monday. We sat around 8F for a little while and then left in search of food. We walked through Union Square and then meandered west. We finally settled on a small greek diner as it began to rain--I had a turkey burger. It cleared by the time we were finishing up.

We walked around the village some more after lunch. Chris looked at some bootleg DVD's. We walked a long ways and ultimately decided to head to Central Park. We took a local 4 train at Union Square and got off at 68th. We headed up to the lawn and sat around, practiced some handstands.

It started to rain again as we were leaving. I got on the 6 train home, I stopped in at a deli before I left and got some food. When I got home, around 745 I took a shower, made some food and then watched an episode and a half of Carnivale. I went to bed at 1145.


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