Sunday, August 28, 2005

Sunday, August 28th 2005

My alarm woke me at 830, I got up with some reluctance. I showered and then had breakfast. I took the train to Hertz on 64th and met up with CK and James. After some wrangling they rented me a Buick Lesabre.

I drove to the Maidstone Arms Inn in East Hampton. The drive took me approximately two and a half hours. I arrived around 1pm. I had lunch at the restaurant next door. I got a table to myself in the garden and enjoyed a spinach salad with asiago cheese, pine nuts and prosciutto in a rasberry vinagrett. I also had a rare texas tuna burger, I finished off the meal with some decaf coffee.

I took a stroll through town and met the bus at 3pm. The 'Jitney' came at 320pm and took about 3 hours to get back to Manhattan. I started a new book. After I got back to the townhouse I made up a timecard and took the subway to 86th. I did a shoulder workout at NYSC.

I was back at my apartment at 830 for a shower and some dinner. I talked on the phone for a couple of hours and then sat around until 12. I tried to go to sleep but could not until 3am. I did some reading and wasted time.


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