Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Tuesday, August 16th 2005

I was up at 830am and out the door by 915. I arrived at HCID and got to work sending out some packages. I went out to Staples to get some 32lb bright white paper and to the post office to pick up some stamps.

At 1120 I walked over to my orthopaedist for a check up on my ankle. She looked at it for 5 seconds and gave me a prescription for an MRI and X-Ray. I made an appointment for this Friday.

I was back at HCID by 1245. I worked on some marketing materials for resource sponsors. I edited some copy and picked some people who I thought would benefit from hearing about our product.

I left a little after four and headed to NYSC for a back workout. I was home by 6pm for a shower and dinner. I sat around for a couple of hours; I finally folded the clothes which have been piled on the foot of my bed.

At 830 I went to Midtown East (or the 'Middle East' as we like to call it) and met up with Nicole, Charlene and Adam. I met them at RxEmedy and drank some water. We went to another bar afterwards. I walked down to 59th with Charlene and caught a subway home. I managed to get to sleep by midnight.


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