Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Wednesday, August 31st 2005

Lazy day. I got up at 845 for my usual morning routine. I arrived at HCID by 1000 after dropping some shirts off at the cleaners and picking up some chicken at the deli.

I spent several hours cleaning up the database. As much as I dread database work, it does allow me some time to listen to 'This American Life'. I have almost exhausted the program's 5 or so years of archived shows. I will need a new source of recorded entertainment soon.

I left at 3pm after some Human Resource work. I went home and sat around for a few hours before showering. I stopped by Duane Reade.

At 7pm I seperated the quarters from my pile of change which I have accumulated over the past 10 months--I managed to fill an entire keg cup full of quarters. I placed the quarters into a large sock, went downstairs and beat a homeless man to death with my new weapon. I brought the rest of the change (dimes, pennies, nickles) by subway to the PathMark on 125th Street where I cashed in (utilizing a coinstar) the $36 in change for some groceries.

I returned to my apartment and made some dinner. I wasted the rest of the night perusing the internet, looking at real estate. I went to bed around midnight after reading some of my new book.


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