Sunday, November 27, 2005

Friday, November 25th - Sunday, November 27th 2005

I got up at 10am and ate some leftovers from dinner. I sat around and then took a walk to the Mobil Station and back.

I was pretty bored around the house. At 130pm me and my mother went out to Owen's Poultry Farm and picked up some food for tomorrow. We drove around and then came back to the house.

I sat around for another hour. I then went to the bank and got dressed. At 615pm Srirup and George came over and picked me up. We went to their house in Brookline and chilled out. Jason and Ilia were also there. Robbie and Joff came by and then Goat.

Jason and I bought some beer from a store around the corner for later. We ordered some food from Boston Pizza Express which arrived at 830mpm. I ate quickly and then we headed to 1 Arlington St. by cab for our Weston High School 5th reuion.

The event was a lot of fun; there was a good showing. I proceeded to have about 70 three minute conversations which were essentially all the same. I told everyone where I was living and what I did. The night passed quickly; at 1230 they cleared us out.

I returned to the house in Brookline for an afterparty. About 20 people came through, the rest of the class dispersed to the bars. We listened to some music and hung out; shoutout to Laura M. loyal blog reader. I went to sleep in Sri's room at 430am.

I woke up the next day around 930am and rolled downstairs. The core of the house was sitll there. We reviewed some pictures from the previous night and hung around. Goat drove me home at 1pm.

When I got back I took a shower and ate some chicken and then took a nap. At 545 my Dad picked me up and we drove to Legal Seafood in Harvard Square. I enjoyed a nice dinner; we then drove to the Aberdeen Lofts and checked out the progress.

He dropped me off at home. I sat around and went to sleep at 11pm.

The next morning, Sunday, I got up and made reservations with Greyhousd. My mom drove me to Logan Express, the bus left at 1030am. We hit a Mercedes on the way down, it didn't impede our progress. We arrived at 245pm, I was home by 330pm.

I showered and made some food. Rachel came over at 7pm, we hung out. I went to sleep around midnight.


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