Sunday, November 13, 2005

Saturday, November 12th 2005

Selame called me at 930am and woke me up to tell me what a great morning he was having. I got up and prepared breakfast. I sat around for an hour or so, and at 11am when to NYSC for 6000m on the erg and some light lifting.

I arrived home and showered. I made a large lunch and did some reading. At 230pm I left my apartment and started walking downtown. I walked to the 50s and through Times Square where I was thoroughly annoyed by the masses of tourists.

It was a really nice day out today. I did some reading in the park and took the subway home around 530pm. I ate donner and at 730pm headed out for the night. I met up with MJ and MD in the Village. We hit up The Town Tavern for some live music which was okay. At 1145 we met up with some of MD's friends and hit up a couple of other spots in the Greenwich area.

I left around 230 and after a good connection was home by 315am--the six has been running local again. I fell asleep promptly.


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