Monday, December 12, 2005

Monday, December 12th 2005

Worked today as usual. We had an interesting meeting at 2pm which lasted about 90 minutes. Maegan, BRJ and I planned for the next few months and threw out some new ideas for the future of HCID.

After work I picked up a few things at Duane Reade and then stopped by the Healthfood store on 84th and 3rd. I purchased some 'Grains and Nuts' hot cereal by Bob's Red Mill. I tried it after I got tasted very good.

I did a shoulder workout at NYSC after work then went home and took a shower. I made a bunch of food, baked some turkey, and then walked crosstown to Rustam's for some Monday Night Football. Dave came by and Rustam fell asleep. Jill hung out with us which was nice. I left at 1115 and split a cab back with Dave.


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