Sunday, December 18, 2005

Week End December 18th 2005

My weekend began at 2pm on Friday when I left work and met up with RM in the park. I met her on 71st and accompanied her on a dog walk with a golden.

At 330pm I returned to 83rd and picked up my backpack. I went to NYSC for about an hour and then went home and showered. I made some food and relaxed for a few. I took a walk to 125th and back and then met Nisha at 945pm.

She drove over to 95th Avenue for Jess' party. It was fun and crowded--Jess, Emma, Liz, Dave and his friend, Rustam, Jill, Kirubel, Adam all made appearances. At 245am I started walking home. A young thug slapped me in the face on the way home--I did not appreciate that.

The next day I woke up at 930am feeling good. I made breakfast and went to NYSC for an hour. I returned home and ate. At 2pm I met up with Jay F. at Ishan's apartment. Mimi was there hanging out and later Nicole came by. We watched the Patriots play.

At 530pm we took the Subway to the Time Warner Building and walked around the mall. Adam and Azaam met us there. We took the train up to Mimi's apartment near Wall Street picking up some beers and food en route. We hung out, Menka came home from shopping and joined us.

At 1015pm we took a cab to a party on 3rd and B. It was an okay party, Eric B. from summer camp who I have not seen in 11 years was there; its a small city. Rustam met us at the party, we left around 1230 and hit up a bar.

I was getting sleepy, at 1am Azaam and I split a cab to Union Square and I got the subway home. I was back by 2am and asleep not long after.

The next morning, Sunday, I woke up at 930am but stayed in bed for another half hour. When I did get up I went out and got a few things from the deli and made some breakfast/lunch. At 1230pm I took a shower and then took the subway to Ashish's apartment on St. Mark's to meet up with Sanjit. We chilled--I left at 4pm and took the subway to 68th.

I went to the townhouse to relieve RM of her housesitting duties. We hung around for a couple of hours. I walked her to 59th and then returned and made some food. I did some computing and went to sleep on the early side.


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