Sunday, May 22, 2005

Saturday, May 21st 2005

I woke up at 930 and made a huge breakfast. I sat and read the news online while I ate. I collected myself and then did a thorough cleaning of my apartment, bathroom and floors included; it took me a little over an hour. Vivian is coming tomorrow, she appreciates cleanliness more than most.

I left for work at 1220. When I arrived at 502 Park I brought some laundry downstairs. I then took two boxes of Blake's stuff to the townhouse on E70th using a dolly. When I got back I cleaned out the refrigerator in 9D. Once complete I took Nick and Jack on an hour long dog walk.

I was back by 3pm. I relaxed on the computer and hung out with BK and Marla. At 345 I delivered some things to Fedex and then picked up BK's GlycoLax at Duane Reade. After returning I practiced piano with BK. BK and I then went downstairs with Marla. BK took his tricycle down and wheeled me around while I stood on the back. We returned upstairs after a trip to Duane Reade for CK. We watched a video on the internet from the show 'Top Gear', where Tiff Needle challenged a train to a race from London to Monaco.

At 545 I took two trips to the townhouse, with 2 heavy boxes each time. It was tiring, especially the incline from 65th to 67th. I was finished by 7pm, at which point I did a quick cleaning of the apartment. I relaxed and ate some food; Marla had gone home (her shift was complete), BK, Larry and CK went to an Italian restaurant for dinner.

I took the dogs out for a walk at 845pm. I stopped to get an unbrella at Duane Reade, as it had started raining. Once I completed the purchased the rain tapered off. I was back by 930. I walked crosstown and took the 1/9 to 110th to meet up at Rustam's apartment on 109th.

I hung out with Jill and Rustam until midnight. I walked home, lost of crackheads were out. I used my computer and went to bed at 145am.


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