Thursday, May 19, 2005

Thursday, May 19th 2005

A vivid dream where I was playing poker with, among others, Jordan Greenberg and three staff from my 1999 summer at Weston Recreation Camp, jarred me awake at 4am. I was unable to fall back asleep until 545am. I got back up at 720 and made eggs, bacon and toast for breakfast. I put my head under the faucet, brushed my teeth and left for HCID.

I arrived at 830am. I printed out the descriptions for 50 auction items, and on the reverse printed a 'receipt' of sorts for the winner. I also assembled a book of items for the auction staff. I placed notes on the top of each page explaining the whereabouts of the goods.

I had to add a few more items. Stewart told me some long story about her school days while I worked. The office was busy again, the whole team was in; the telephone was ringing non-stop.
I took a trip to Staples in an attempt to get some more printing paper. We are running low. They did not have the kind we needed and were of little help. Service in Manhattan can suck, people tend to be less than helpful. I bought a phone card for Krystal at RadioShack. After returning to the office, I touched base with Brett, and then went to a printer on 1st avenue and purchased the necessary supplies.

I left for 502 Park at 120pm. When I arrived I made a sandwich and relaxed in the kitchen with Molly. At 250pm I went to the exercise room and did a chest workout. I was finished 55 minutes later, I showered and ate a large bowl of cereal.

At 410 I took the dogs on a 45 minute walk. We visited the park--there was some type of organized ethnic dancing near the Sheep Meadows. I watched it for a while and then went back to 502.

I relaxed before dinner. Molly, BK, Marla and I ate at 645; cordon bleu with asparagus. The girls had salads because they had colonics earlier in the day. After dinner I did a thorough cleaning. I moved Nick and Jack's stuff to CK's room. I was finished cleaning by 815 pm. I took the dogs out at 835 for a 45 minute walk. I left upon my return.

I was listening to the comedian Bill Hicks on mp3 on the ride back, I kept laughing and attracting odd glances. I showered when I got home and went to bed on the earlier side.


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