Wednesday, May 18, 2005

Wednesday, May 18th 2005

As planned, I woke up at 745. I made eggs, bacon, and toast for breakfast and then got dressed. I arrived at HCID at 835 am. The morning was peaceful enough. I sorted through some auction stuff, worked through the inbox of my gmail account, and created more sheets with item descriptions.

I met with Krystal when she arrived. We discussed the auction. I made a few phone calls to make sure everything was in order with a few donors who I have not heard from in a while. At 1130 I left the office to pick up some 400 sheets of 80lb 11X17 paper for the brochures. I had to visit 2 printers, but was succesful.

I wrote up an outline for the day of the Polo Match and then left HCID. I arrived at 502 by 135pm. I spent some time on the phone with Verizon. I worked on getting a few telephone numbers transferred from 502 to the townhouse on 70th. The woman who helped me was more difficult than necessary. I dropped off a bunch of Larry's press kits to get stapled at the printer around the corner.

I took Nick and Jack over to Adam's house at 3pm. I hung out there for a while, leaving only so Adam could visit Tal Bagels. I returned to 502 Park by 5pm (CK is in Oklahoma). I hung out with Molly in the kitchen while she cooked.

At 555 I took a short walk. I bumped into Seth on the street, I talked to him while he walked to dinner. Simon, BK, Marla, Molly and myself ate in the kitchen at 7pm; we had turkey with assorted mushrooms, risotto with parmesean cheese and peas, and sauteed mixed vegetables. Cleanup was relatively painless.

I took the dogs on an hour long walk at 825pm. I left 502, had to wait a while for a train, and did not make it home until 10pm. I showered, browsed the internet, and went to bed by 11pm.


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