Sunday, May 08, 2005

Saturday, May 7th 2005

I slept unti 1030, leaving me very little time to unwind before work. I ate a small breakfast, took a shower, browsed the internet for a bit, put some new songs onto my Ipod and left for 502 Park.

When I got to work I labeled and inventoried some furniture which will be moving to storage. I took the dogs on a walk and then ate lunch and hung around for a bit. I programmed CK's remote. At 330 I went with BK and Rosalinda to Levi's and then Bloomingdales looking for some jeans. After shopping we walked to the townhouse on E70th to check on the progress.

When we got back to 59th CK chewed Rosalinda out for buying the wrong jeans-- I had gotten BK to try on a pair of Sean John baggy jeans, BK really liked them. Rosalinda warned me not to buy them, but I thought nothing bad could possible come of it. CK thought they were too ethnic (note: he did not use those words). I returned the pants and went back to 502.

I helped CK move and then photograph a large bookshelf. I then broke down the bed, flooring, and rest of the contents of the guest room. CK and I moved 2 bookshelves into a corner. I added some more items to the storage inventory.

I packed up a large collection of glasses, CK gave me a couple of extra ones. I left to get some packing tape at Duane Reade. That night I practiced piano briefly with BK, faxed my timecard, changed some lightbulbs and did a quick spot cleaning of the kitchen and living areas. I was in a rush having had a lot to do all day. I ate some of the dinner from Circus which Rosalinda had brought back for me after eating with BK.

I took the dogs out for 25 minutes at 910 pm. When I got back I packed up and walked crosstown to the 1/9. It took 15 minutes for the train to come. It was really crowded, I was fiending to get to 109th for the party. There were service issues on the train, I had to walk from the station on 96th.

When I arrived at 109th, Jess, Jill, Liz, Rustam, Sanjit and his friend XXXX, Mimi, Nisha, Dave, Finn had gathered for the triple birthday party (Liz, Nisha, and Sanjit all have birthday's close to one another). Jay F., Adam, Kyle, and Nicole arrived later in the evening. They had also experienced difficulties on the 1/9.

It was a good night. There was some drama after one of Nisha's sister's friends booted all over a hoodlum from the 5th floor fire escape. I found the situation humorous. The 'thug' was ultimately appease for $40 which I thought was a little high considering the circumstances. I thought the deciding factors should have been a) the clothes he was wearing at the time and b) his plans for that evening (ie. was he just hanging out, or was he planning on going out?). Het got a little "too sassy" and had to leave. It was unfortunate that Nisha was not present as she would have likely diffused the situation.

The party did recover. We stayed at the apartment until 250 when we went over to 1020. I took a car home at 315, I was asleep one hour later.


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