Saturday, July 30, 2005

Friday, July 29th 2005

I woke up at 730am and after my morning rituals arrived at HCID. I worked from 930 - 1230, mostly on the contacts database. I listened to NPR as it can get pretty boring.

I took an express train to 59th and picked up the Title to the 'G' which my father had Fedexed me. I relinquished my ownership and sent the document back to Boston.

I arrived at the Townhouse at 1pm. I bought some trashbags, changed an ink cartridge, and revised the schedule. I swept the back and front of the hosue. I was alone from 330 - 6pm, I read 'Cat's Cradle'. CK came back and I left.

I went home and ate some food. I then took the train to 86th and went to NYSC for some chest. I returned home, showered and made dinner. At 9pm I went over to Adam's house. Sanjit was there when I arrived. We hung out and drank some Walker. Dave rolled through and then a little later Chad came over.

At 1130 we went to the bar. we were having a good time. At the next place we went to there was a minor altercation with the bouncers. We ended up at Murphy's. I left at 3am and took the subway home. I was asleep by 4.


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