Thursday, July 28, 2005

Thursday, July 28th 2005

I could have slept in but I got up at 745 am. After a solid breakfast and some computer time I set off form the gym. NYSC at 76th was closed due to flooding so I had to take the subway to the club on 86th. I was exhausted after an intense 50 minutes of back workout. I hopped on the train, it took me to 125th. I had to wait for what seemed like forever to get a train downtown.

When I got off at 110th, the station was swarming with cops. Police can now conduct random searches of backpacks and bags. The London bombings have scared a lot of people--it seems like they've used it as an excuse to infringe on our privacy rights.

I showered and ate and then left for the townhouse. I arrived at 1pm and hung out with Rosario. I touched base with my dad, the G has been sold. Goodbye G.

CK came through at 230. I sorted out some issues with the alarm, picked up some mail at 502 (I took the bus back and forth as I'm trying to rest-up my ankle). I got some pads of paper at Duane Reade.

CK told me I could go early but told me (once again) to report my hours as usual. I left at 415. I stopped in at the supermarket before going home. When I got in I made some food and lounged around. Really bad and lazy afternoon. Lots of reading, went to sleep at 1130pm.


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