Friday, September 02, 2005

Thursday, September 1st 2005

I got out of bed at 830 and went to HCID about an hour later. I finished training a new data entry employee, met with Brett a few times, fixed up some marketing materials, and worked on a few other tasks.

At 11am I went to the Deli nextdoor and witnessed a homeless man buying an overpriced 30oz Heineken. I'm too cheap to buy beer from this deli.

I left HCID at 3pm and went to NYSC for a chest workout. I was home by 430, I showered and finished eating by 5pm. I sat on the computer until 715 doing a little more work for HCID. Rachel came over at 730, we hung out at my apartment for a while and then took a cab to Morningside.

We went to Strokos for some pizza, hung out on the steps, went to the Heights for a bit, then stopped by Riverside Park. I went home at 1230, and was asleep by 130.


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