Monday, May 23, 2005

Monday, May 23rd 2005

I got up at 750 and made breakfast. I listened to the news and then left for HCID. I arrived before 930.

The fallout from the silent auction took up most of my time today. The people who ran it the day of the event did not take care when recording the winners. The day itself was somewhat disorganized. All I had to go off of was some names and telephone numbers of the winning bids. I made a bunch of calls and tracked down some of the items. I also wrote many emails. We raised over $15,000.

A journalist called in and accused Brett of organizing the event for his profit. The Charities involved did benefit--mainly by increasing their awareness, some ticket sales, and participation in the silent auction. Charity Network also benefitted and was able to cover the costs of the event itself.

I stepped out for a few minutes to pick up some food from the deli around the corner. I got a turkey burger, it tasted bad but I ate it anyways. At 4 Brett and I had a meeting with a kid who will be working 10 - 15 hours of work a week for us, mostly on web design.

I left work at 5pm. I took the 6 to 59th walked to 66th and CPW and then used the gym at 502 Park. I had a good back workout and then went home. I got in at 730, showered and made dinner. I watched an episode of Deadwood and went to bed at 11pm. Click here for a random Vine Diesel fact.


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