Thursday, June 30, 2005

Thursday, June 30th 2005

I slept well in BK's room, the air conditioner was really cranking, it must have been fifty degrees when I woke up. I dressed and made some tea, I left for HCID at 9am.

I revised some copy and worked on the profilesof a few companies we are planning on approaching first. I updated some news and events in the database. The morning went by quickly, I left at 115pm.

I did some chest and shoulders at NYSC and then walked home. I ate and showered. At 435 I left for the townhouse. I met Rosario and her husband--we talked for a bit before they left. I sent some of CK's mail to his office in the South. I sat on the computer and then took a walk to 502 to pick up some mail there.

I returned and ate some turkey which I had baked up. I watched the boob tube. At 9pm I took the trash out, there was a lot of trash so it took me a while. I went to bed around 1130pm. Boring day--I'll probably do the same exact stuff tomorrow.


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