Sunday, July 31, 2005

Saturday, July 30th 2005

I was deep asleep when my alarm clock went off at 1010 am. I made breakfast and got dressed and then headed over to the townhouse. I was there from 11 - 3pm. I filed some papers, swept up some broken glass, touched base with the personal shopper, and threw some trash away that was lying in the basement. I did about 1 hour of work total, and sat around for the next few hours waiting for CK to arrive.

I met up with Chris R. in the park at the Sheep Meadow. We hung out on the lawn, it was a nice day. I walked over to NYSC on 59th and biked 12 miles. I went home and showered.

I got dressed at 730 and headed over to Chris's apartment. I went along with him to Teriyaki Boy for dinner. Afterwards we took the subway to 51st and walked to Derek's apartment. Detaff had a small get together--Ashley B. showed up with some friends of hers, Rachel came through.

Around midnight we went to the bar. Boston 212 to start and then Sutton Place. Nisha and a friend of hers met up with us, as did Adam and Kirubel and a friend of theirs.

I left after 3 and made my way home.


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