Saturday, August 20, 2005

Friday, August 19th 2005

I got up at 815am and after a solid 45 minutes of morning relaxation went over to HCID. I met with Brett first thing for about an hour. We discussed the possibility of outsourcing some of our data entry needs to chinese and indian to the 'data entry sweatshops'. I sent out a few packages and updated the news section of our portal. I left at 120pm.

I walked over to the Lenox Hospital imaging center on 77th. I got an x-ray and then an MRI. I managed to sit perfectly still for over 40 minutes. I will find out if my stress fracture has healed next week.

I was done by 330. I went over to NYSC on 76th for 20 minutes on a bike and some stretching. I walked to the townhouse relieved James and made some food. Today was my last day housesitting.

Rachel came over at 630, we hung out. She brought some homeade chili and cornbread which we ate at 930pm. At 1130 we went to Seleme's apartment and met up with a bunch of his fraternity brothers. Around midnight we all headed over to Gael Pub; Lauren and Lauren were there coincidentally.

Rachel and I left at 130 and walked back to the T.H. I got a call from James around 3am, he asked if he could crash at the place as he did not feel like making the trip home and then returning for his early morning shift. I agreed and left at 3am. I went to my apartment and was asleep around 4am.


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