Friday, August 05, 2005

Thursday, August 4th 2005

I rose at 745 am, ate and dressed. I arrived at HCID and worked from 930 - 120. The morning went by fairly quickly.

After leaving I went over to 59th and picked up a Fedex package. I dropped it off at 55th and then went to NYSC at 86th for a chest workout. I was home by 315pm, I showered and ate.

I took a nap from 5 - 6pm and wasted time until 715pm when I took a bus crosstown to Rustam's apartment. Jill, Rustam and myself hung out until 1030pm. I left and took the 1/9 to 86th and a bus crosstown to Jon's apartment. Evan, Benzigan, Lauren, and some other kid were there getting ready to head to Union Sq.

I stayed until 1215 and then went home. I read until 115 and went to sleep.


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