Sunday, July 31, 2005

Sunday, July 31st 2005

I woke up feeling rejuvinated at 1115am. I made some breakfast and hung out for a bit. At 1pm I hit up NYSC at 76th for some shoulders. I came home and showered.

At 315pm I took the train to Dave's apartment. Finished "Cat's Cradle" on the way over. Dave and I went to the Costco in Astoria. I was in awe of the quantity and cost of the goods. If anyone has a membership let me know. Hung out in Queens until 715 then took the train to 59th.

Met up with Detaff, his roomate, and Chris at a movie theater for 'Wedding Crashers'. It was a good comedy. Was home by 1030, read and went to sleep.


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