Saturday, July 02, 2005

Friday, July 1st 2005

I woke up at 730 and had a turkey sandwich for breakfast, I packed up some turkey for lunch. Its like Thanksgiving over here. I dressed for work and watched tv until Rosario came, around 9am. I walked over to HCID.

The morning was productive and interesting. I created several different layouts giving an overview of our product using Adobe Illustrator. Geyi was getting a little upset that we have been creating media kits nonstop, but are failing to send any out. Her frustration is understandable.

I left at 115pm and walked around Central Park's Reservoir to Rustam and Jill's apartment. When I got over there Jill gave me the run around I ended up having walked to the West Side for nothing. I had an enjoyable conversation by telephone on the way over, so not all was lost.

I took the 2/3 and met up with Srirup and Arni at a HOJO on 51st and 8th. Cheyenne and a few other brown kids were in the city. They had all come for the 25th North American Bengali Conference. I've known a lot of Indian's in my day (not Native American's) and in that time have developed a liking for their community and culture. It took them a while to sort out their hotel room; they felt disatisfied with the service provided by

I left at 415 and walked over to the Townhouse where I will be housesitting for the next 40 hours straight. I'm definately missing out on a lot of excitement this weekend: 1) 600 indian kids running absolutely crazy in the streets of NYC, 2) a summer rental in Upstate NY.

TV and internet are poor subsitutes for real life. I sat around the house, ate, watched television and read on the internet and some books. I showered at 9pm and went to sleep by 1130.


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