Monday, August 22, 2005

Sunday, August 21st 2005

I was up at 10am but stayed on the futon for a few minutes. Ilia got up for around an hour at 11am, but went back to sleep. I bid my time watching television, looking on the internet, and sitting around for the next few hours. I went out and got a sandwich at Kiki's.

Ilia finally got up at 230pm--I was really bored at this point. I showered and then Bean, Srirup and Jones came over. We hung out for a little while and then drove over to John's (George's brother) apartment in Brighton. I stayed there until 530pm. My dad picked me up and we drove to Rockport.

It was Adrian's 17th birthday, Lina and Aunct Nancy were there. A friend of Nancy's and her daughter also came over. We had a good dinner prepared on the barbeque. It was nice seeing everybody. Adrian and I went for a spin in my dad's car.

At 900 my dad and I drove to a restaurant near Fenway. He dropped me off with the crew. Jones, Srirup, FJ and I returned to Srirup's apartment. We stayed there until midnight when we went to Our House (a bar). We left at 1am, I went to bed at 130.


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