Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Wednesday, May 25th 2005

I woke up at 745 after an amazing night's rest. I made an egg and cheese omelette with tea and toast for breakfast. I lounged around, listened to the news, and then folded my laundry. I left for HCID, arriving at 930am.

I followed up with a few people regarding the silent auction. I bought the software to upgrade from Lasso version 6 to Lasso 8. I wrote some coorespodence, moved a toilet and sink with Brett (he's getting his bathroom remodeled), installed a wireless card on the laptop, and then left. The morning passed quickly as I had many varied tasks to keep me occupied.

After a quick break on the roof, I purchased a new pair of headphones from radioshack. The right headphone on my prior pair had ceased to function. I purchased the replacement insurance, something I rarely do, for $3. I go through a pair of headphones every 4 months or so, I figured it would be a good investment.

I got on the 4 train, unfortunately I took it uptown instead of downtown. I had to switch at 125th street. I arrived at 502 by 150pm. I made some food when I arrived and then took Nick and Jack on a 55 minute walk. When I returned I hung out with Molly for a little while and reviewed this summer's house sitting schedule.

I had a chest workout from 430 to 525. When I got back I took Nick and Jack on another walk. Dinner was at 630 with Simon, Shirley, Molly, BK, and myself in the kitchen. We had a large salad, garlic bread, cheese ravioli with a chicken ragu, and garlic pesto gnocci.

After dinner I cleaned up, I was finished around 8pm. I added some data to CK's weight lifting progress charts, and imported BK's piano performance from a camcorder to the computer. I took the dogs on a long walk at 830. When I returned I packed up my things and left.

I got home at 955pm. I showered and then changed the sheets on my bed. I went to sleep around 1130.


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