Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Monday, June 20th 2005

I woke up in the townhouse at 8am. I stripped the bedding and put it in the washing machine. Afterwards I raided the fridge for some breakfast--I love free food. I read the news and faxed my timecard. I left at 9am and walked to HCID.

Nobody was in the office today. I worked on the resource database, took care of a few unrelated business items, and wrote a whole lot of emails. I ate a late lunch.

At 245 I went to NYSC for a back day, I returned to the office a little after 4pm. I stayed until 6pm and then walked home. I talked to my mother on the way home. After getting in I showered.

At 7pm I walked over to 109th and hung out with Rustam, Jill and Liz. I left around 1030 and walked home. I read before falling asleep after midnight.


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