Sunday, June 12, 2005

Saturday, June 11th 2005

The weekend dog walker Adam L. woke me up at 730am although I had gotten up at 330 to deactivate the alarm which had started to malfuntion; I did not get the best night's rest. I made breakfast and sat on the computer. I called CK at 9am to check in, he was on his way back from Boston. I swept and hosed off the front and back porch.

Around 10 I walked to NYSC on 59th and did 10k on the erg. I stopped in at 502 to pick up some mail. When I got back to the townhouse I had some cereal and showered. Adam L. came at 1130 to walk the dogs again. When he was back I walked over to 62nd and Broadway and picked up some movie tickets for BK and Rosalinda. It was really uncomfortable and muggy.

CK, BK, and Rosalinda returned at 130pm. I went out with BK and got some paper cups and ice for a lemonade sale. I hung out with BK outside, and then dropped off some shoes for CK at the shoe shiner. I made a car reservation for Rosalinda.

I read the newspaper until 430 when CK asked me to get a van and take some stuff over to Manhattan Ministorage. This took about and hour start to finish. The driver of the van kept talking to me even though I could only comprehend the occasional noun or verb. When I got back to the townhouse I walked the dogs and then read the newspaper until dinner time. We went to a small diner on 67th and Madison, Gardenia. The food was poor.

At 730 I changed into my uniform. KK and his friend came over for drinks with CK and Larry--I helped serve them. At 830 I took Nick and Jack on a short walk. I came back and cleaned up the study, changed and left.

I took the 6 train home and showered. I picked up my apartment a bit before going out. I walked over to Elizabeth A. (Bitty's) apartment on 118 W. 118th St. I met Derek there, Chris R. showed up not long after; I hadn't seen Bitty in several years. We hung out in the uncomfortably hot apartment until 1245 when we five of us climbed into a towncar and headed to Union Sq.

We hit up a dead party and then the bar, Underground, which offered a good scene. I left around 230 and took the six train home. I went to bed at 330.


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