Thursday, June 02, 2005

Thursday, June 2nd 2005

Tom from Metro Audio and Video woke me up with a phone call at 755am. He told me somebody should be at the townhouse in case Verizon shows up. I got dressed, toasted some waffles and ate them on the way to the 6 train.

When I got to 70th, I sat around and chatted with Simon, the security guard. Tom showed up with his crew at 930. I left and walked over to NYSC on 59th and did a chest and shoulder workout. I then grabbed a train home.

I showered and then ate some food...I watched half an episode of Oz and 'read the internet'. I ate lunch at 12pm, I opted not to go to HCID this morning. I left for the townhouse at 115pm, when I got in I called up Verizon and dealt with a dead line which they had failed to install.

I bought some lightbulbs, vacuumed carpets, moved boxes, washed Nick and Jack, and then took them on a walk to 502 Park. I picked up one letter and returned to the house. I spent the next few hours shuffling boxes around with little rest. The day creeped by rather slowly. I practiced piano with BK for 15 mintues.

I took the dogs on another 40 minute walk before dinner. I had to get more mousetraps before I could sit down to eat. Molly, Rosario (the new housekeeper! woohooo!), Rosalinda, BK and myself ate on the patio outside. We had a mixed green salad, rice, a cheese and bean enchilada, and ftuit salad for dessert. Clean-up was easy, as Molly had not prepared this meal.

I set ten mousetraps after dinner (not my favorite activity). I find mousetraps futile, we killed 8 mice yesterday (with 8 traps); there are clearly an endless supply of these rodents. I went to the supermarket with Molly at 8pm and helped her select and then carry back some groceries. I took the dogs out from 830 - 900pm.

I left a little early and rode the train home. I showered, watched the other half of the OZ episode and retired.


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