Monday, May 30, 2005

Monday, May 30th 2005

I woke up at 720am and dressed for work. I ate breakfast and ran to catch the 6 train. I arrived at 502 Park at 755am.

The movers could not start until 9am, that is when the service entry opens up (at the Trump Park Avenue they don't allow plebeians to use the main entrance). I packed up the staff clothes in the guest room as well as a few assorted boxes of left-over goods. At 9 the movers began packing furiously.

CK arrived at 920 and told me to pack a few other things in his room. There was a fair amount of sitting around in the next few hours. BK came back after an outing with Larry, we took a walk around the block and talked with Carlos, one of the doormen in the building.

I did some light cleaning and then ate lunch (some sandwiches Molly had picked up) with CK and Molly in the kitchen. I packed up the rest of CK's files and left 502 Park at 130pm. I walked home, stopping in at the supermarket on the way back to get some foods for the coming week. I had to urinate so bad on the way back I almost did so in my pants.

I regret having volunteered for work today. I would have much preferred a day in the sun with other company. Money is an evil seductress.

I reconfigured my internet access and made some food. At 330 I went to Queens where I hung out for the remainder of the night. I got home at 1045 showered and went to sleep.


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