Monday, May 30, 2005

Sunday, May 29th 2005

I got up at 10am and made breakfast. I hung out around 1799 in the morning, read the news and watched an episode of Deadwood.

At 1pm I left for Equinox on 85th where I did 5000m on the erg and some light lifting. When I got back to 110th I walked to Juarez barbershop and got a trim. The barber was a precision hair cutting machine.

I showered and ate a good meal. At 545 I walked over to Rustam's apartment on 109th and hung out with Liz and Jill. I had brought my computer over in the hope that we could network and exchange media; we were unsuccesful in that regard.

We hung out on the roof and watched some tv--nothing special. I left at 945 and walked home. While walking across the northern end of Central Park a crackhead approached me and started following me. I spoke a few words to her at first but then she kept asking questions and continously flashing a lascivious smile. I quickened my pace, she would not relent. I don't know what she wanted from me, she didn't ask for money. It was almost as if she was lonely and wanted company. Although I didn't feel physically threatened--my psyche underwent some trauma.

I finally lost the woman at 5th Avenue where a series of steps slowed her cart full of empty plastic bags. As I walked along briskly I heard my name being shouted, "Doug, Doug, Doug".

When I got in I read for a little while and then went to sleep. I have to be at work early tomorrow.


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