Thursday, May 26, 2005

Thursday, May 26th 2005

I woke up at the same time as yesterday, and performed, with no alteration, the same exact routine. I arrived at HCID at 925am.

Today was somewhat slow and boring. I took care of some coorespondence, sent out a package via UPS, wrote some thank you notes. I had to print some envelopes for these notes; I struggled with the printer--sometimes I think printers were put on earth soley to punish mankind. I left at 1245 and went to 502 Park.

I made a sandwich which I put in my pocket. I gathered Nick and Jack and then walked over to Adam's house. We left the dogs at his place and met up with Cookie at an Indian Restaurant on 2nd Avenue. They had the buffet.

After lunch Adam and I went back to his house and watched some corny daytime television. I left at 355 and returned to 502. I talked to CK, he'll be back tomorrow. I printed up BK's weekly schedule, and printed the summer schedule. I talked to the architect about the telephones in the townhouse.

Joshua came over for dinner. Molly, him and myself hung out in the kitchen before it was served. Shirley, BK, and the 3 of us ate at 645; we had chicken curry, a large salad, mixed grilled vegetables, basmati rice and a fruit salad for dessert.

We took our time eating, I cleaned up, finishing by 835. I took the dogs out on a 55 minute walk, I grabbed a shirt and got the 6 train home. When I got home I shaved and showered. I went to sleep around 11pm.


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