Wednesday, June 01, 2005

Wednesday, June 1st 2005

I got up at 800am and made some scrambled eggs and toast to break the fast. I listened to the news and browsed the internet until 9am when I dressed and left for HCID.

I worked from 930 to 1130am and did not accomplish too much. I talked with a few people on IM and by telephone. At 1130 I took the 6 train back to my house; I stopped on the deli on the way in to get some food. I made lunch at 1799, relaxed for a little over an hour and then left for the townhouse on East 70th.

First thing I did upon arriving was walk to the post office on 54th and 3rd to get some change of address forms. I then picked up the mail at 502 and the mail at another co-op which CK recently sold. When I got back to the townhouse I took the dogs on a walk with Molly.

The place is still a mess. I swept up in the front and in the back patio. There were workers attending to all sorts of details, the movers were moving boxes and furniture most of the day. I helped CK shuffle some items around the home, I set up a desk and computer on the ground level.

At 530 I took the dogs on another walk. When I got back I talked with the new cleaning lady and Rosalinda, I then went to a liquor store to pick up some gin, and then out once again to get some ice. Molly got us an assortment of food from Grace's: swordfish, turkey and gravy, asparagus, assorted mixed vegetables, potatoes. CK ate with BK, Larry and Rosalinda--the rest of us scarfed down food in the kitchen.

Cleanup was virtually nonexistant as we ate on platic plates. At 745 everyone cleared out. I set some mouse traps, ate some more food, and then walked up to 50th and then to the hotel where CK is staying at. I arrived at 845 and took Nick and Jack out. I met Adam at 53rd and Lex, he was just getting out of some temp work at a law firm. We walked to his apartment, I grabbed my backpack and then returned the dogs to The Lenox Hotel on 63rd.

I got home at 1010pm, I showered and read before going to sleep.


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