Tuesday, June 07, 2005

Tuesday, June 7th 2005

I got up at 815 and made breakfast. I arrived at HCID by 935 am. I went through some email correspondence and then wrote up an 'action plan' for the 2006 Silent Auction effort. At 11 I went to UPS and shipped a necklace to one of the winners of the auction.

I left at 1215 after a brief discussion with Brett (still waiting to shift gears). I went to NYSC and did a back workout. When I got home I showered and ate. At 215pm I took the 6 train to 59th and met up with Adam at his apartment. We hung out for a bit and then walked over to the Park on the East River at 52nd. At 5pm we returned to his place and waited for Sarah to call.

We met Sarah on 55th and 2nd and went to a Chinese restaurant for some food. Adam ordered 'toothpick chicken skin'. Not suprisingly, they served him fried chicken skin on a toothpick; it would not have been my first choice. After eating we sat in front of the restaurant.

I went home at 730, when I got in I made a bite to eat and watched an episode of Oz. I did some reading and went to sleep at 1130.


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