Sunday, June 05, 2005

Saturday, June 4th 2005

I slept until 930 when I made breakfast and watched the rest of 'Million Dollar Baby'. I wasn't expecting the movie to take the turn it did; kind of depressing if you ask me. I took a shower, dressed and left for the townhouse.

I realized I forgot my cellphone before getting on the train. I walked back up to my 5th-floor apartment, grabbed my phone. I just missed the train on the way back. I made it into work 15 minutes behind schedule at 1245. I had a list of things to do: I brought CK's bike upstairs, went to 'Gracious home' and picked up some picture hanging brackets, a hex wrench, and a few mirrors. I revised BK's schedule, opened CK's mail, and then took Nick and Jack on a walk to 59th and back.

When I got home, Larry and CK had arrived with a new puppy, a three week old boston terrier named Ted. I got the chance to play with the animal later. I wrote up a sheet for administration of Ted's medicine. I cleaned the office area and put a few boxes of stuff away, I mopped the sun room, kitchen and entry. At 5 I went out and placed an order for a handtruck (dolly, what have you), with a "luxury ride" (big inflatable wheels).

I swept up the patio and front of the house. I took Nick and Jack on another walk before dinner, returning by 630. BK, Rosalinda, and myself went on a walk and picked a restaurant on 75th and Lexington called Orsay. I had the chicken and the Orsay salad. The service was slow and the food was okay; they kept my water glass full. I was bored with the company--Marla is more fun as is Myriam.

After returning from dinner I mopped the kitchen and entry. Mopping is a futile activity; there is so much dust in the house the floors become dirty about one hour later. I took Nick and Jack on a walk to 81st and 2nd where I met Jon S. and his friend Larry briefly at a Mexican restaurant. When I returned to the Townhouse I took the dogs upstairs and set the mousetraps and then left.

I went back to my apartment and took a shower. I then took the train over to Jon's apartment. His usual F and M friends (Larry, Wallowick, Erdberg, Benzequin), a couple of members of his fraternity, and a few Laurens were there. Adam rolled through around 11pm.

At 1215 we went out to the bar, Tin Lizzie. It was really loud--I would like to do a study which investigates the effect of music volume on alcohol consumption. I feel people drink more and talk less when music is blasting; the bar manager must have something in mind when they ruin your hearing and curtail any conversation which you wish to engage in. Dave and Drew came through latenight.

I left at 230 and walked home. I went to bed around 330am.


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