Monday, June 06, 2005

Monday, June 6th 2005

I got up at 9am and performed my usual morning routine. I arrived at HCID by 10. Brett is back from Argentina. He spent the day wrapping up loose ends from the HY Polo event. I did so as well. There was not much to keep me busy; soon we will swich gears and move back into Health Care Investment Digest mode.

Brett and I discussed a partnership he wants to form between Charity Network and a modeling agency. Charitable events and gorgeous women seem to go hand in hand; the modeling agency would provide women for events in exhcange for promotion on the world wide web. I hope this deal works out. I cleaned out my gmail inbox and left at 1215.

I hit up NYSC on 86th and did 5000 meters on the erg, 2500 m of which was sprint intervals. I biked for 15 minutes and then left. I stopped in at the Supermarket on the way home and picked up some staples. When I got home I showered and then made a large lunch.

At 230 I took the 6 train to 59th. I went to Radioshack (to buy a small battery for my stereo's remote) and then met up with Adam. We walked to the Ziegfiled theater on W54th to see the 330 showing of 'Star Wars'. The movie was entertaining, the least corny of the last 3 episodes.

After the movie we walked over the 58th and Lex so Adam could return some books to the library. The library was closed and didn't have a drop slot. It had begun to rain so we took the N to 42nd Street and transferred to the 1 train. We stopped in at the 109th Gourmet Deli so Adam could get some forties; I got a burrito. On our way to Rustam's apartment we ran into some of Adam's old friends, Corsha and XXXX. They lived in Plimpton junior year.

They joined us at Rustam's apartment. We hung out there--I met the kid subletting Jess's room for the summer, he lives in the same building at Danny Wilansky. People left at 930 to go get some drinks at some place on W96th. I walked home, it started raining again on the way back. When I got in i made a snack, read the internet and went to sleep.


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