Wednesday, June 08, 2005

Wednesday, June 8th 2005

Today I woke up at 810am. I shaved and showered and then made breakfast. I lounged around my apartment, wrote a few emails and at 945 I left for work. I had to get a new 30 day metrocard because I had scratched the magnetic strip on my previous one. I sent the old one back with an explanation of what had happened.

When I got in I reviewed some emails. Brett and I talked about the overall scope of 'Healthcare Investment Digest' for about 2 hours. We reviewed our current status and hopes for the future. We tried to figure out how much we need to do in order to start getting customers to sign up for the service.

I left at 115 and walked over to the townhouse on E70th. When I got in I met with the cable guy. I was busy the entire day; here is a quick run down:

2 trips to radio shack for ink cartridges and a wireless G card
unpacked stools
moved staff computer/staff desk from sun room to 3rd floor
dog walk X3
revision of 5 or so documents
set up clothing rack
tried to get CK's laptop internet access
unloaded dishwasher
shot the shit with James
trip to Fedex
dealt with the Verizon guy, coordinated with our Audio/Video guys

We had dinner at 715, I ate with Molly and Rosario in the kitchen. We had breaded chicken, a large salad, green beans, and a baked potato. I cleaned up, finishing by 820. After the final dog walk I set some mousetraps and left.

I got home at 945 and took a shower. My head hit the pillow at 1115.


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