Friday, June 10, 2005

Thursday, June 9th 2005

I woke up, dressed, made breakfast and listened to the news. I left for work and arrived by 935am.

I updated news items on the MicroCap portal while listening to an episode of This American Life entitled 'Godless America'. I then had a long meeting with Brett where we discussed a few new avenues of business we may want to pursue.

I left at 115pm and walked over to E70th. I talked to my dad on the way; he told me the hardest part of any business is setting a plan into true. When I got to the townhouse I altered some documents, changed a few addresses, worked on CK's laptop. I had some shrimp, noodles and salad for lunch at 3pm and then took Nick and Jack on a short walk.

Joshua, the personal shopper came over. I helped him move some clothes to the third floor. We organized the staff uniforms and talked. I set up a trash removal service and bought some clear trash bags from 'Gracious Home'. I dropped off a package at Fedex.

I revised the phone and address roster twice and distributed it twice. I took Nick and Jack out on another walk. BK was outside selling lemonade for about an hour and made $15--he went out with KK for the night. Rosalinda, Rosario and myself went out to a thai restaurant for dinner. It was good, I met Rosario's husband who works at the Regency hotel as a hair stylist.

I had to leave during dinner and drop off a set of keys with CK. He was out with Ted at the hospital; the dog caught pneumonia. Upon my return I mopped the kitchen floor and took the Nick and Jack on another short walk. I returned at 910pm and went home. When I got in I showered and tried to fix the internet connection. It has been giving me a lot of grief lately which is very frustrating. I went to bed at 1145.


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