Friday, June 10, 2005

Friday, June 10th 2005

I got up at 750am and made a sandwich for breakfast. I got my internet up and running, I read the news and left for work. It was pouring rain when I left. I arrived at 935.

Aside from a few brief conversations with Brett, I spent the morning updating the news on the MicroCap portal. I listened to one and a half episodes of 'This American Life', including a good one on garbage removal. After hearing it, I definately have more respect for the 'SandMen' who keep the streets of NYC clean.

I left at 1235 and went to NYSC on 86th for a little chest and shoulders. At 130 I caught the 6 train to 68th. When I got to the townhouse I bathed Nick and Jack on the patio outside. I then took a shower and ate a sandwich with Rosario.

I took Nick and Jack to the veterinarian at 330. Going to the vet is a bit like going to an MD in that they make you wait forever to see the 'doctor'. I got medicine for Jack and walked home. I chatted with Rosario before she left. I made some food and used the computer recreationally.

At 715 I took Nick on a very long walk down to 100th in the Park. It gets really wooded out there. I walked around the Great Lake. I got home around 9pm, I took Jack out for a few minutes. I got CK's internet up and running before watching tv, showering again and hitting the sack in the guestroom.


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