Thursday, June 16, 2005

Thursday, June 16th 2005

My 23rd year began today. I woke up at 750, made some pancakes, read the NYtimes, and relaxed. I took the morning off from work; however I uploaded some pics of the bathware and sent them along with a note to Christie's auction house.

At 10am I got dressed and took the 6 to the N, I got off at 48th and Broadway and walked over the the NYSC. I did some olymipc style lifts and rode the bike. I figure I'm about 2 - 3 weeks out from being in the best shape of my life. The joys of a healthclub membership!

I showered at the club (this one is on the 15th floor of a hotel in Times Square) and then met up with Dave and Jon S. at Au Bon Pain on 47th. We ate outside, about 45 minutes after meeting up I took the train to the townhouse on E70th.

When I got in I answered a bunch of emails and surfed the net. I chatted with Rosario and Marla for a a while and then took Nick and Jack on a walk. We went over to 59th where I got the mail and returned. It was raining slightly.

I got in and opened CK's mail. I went to Duane Reade to get some cups and then read the newspaper. At 445 I took the dogs out on a long walk. When I returned James was in the kitchen, Joshua showed up a bit later. We hung out in the kitchen until dinner time.

BK and his friend ate early. Rosario, Molly, Marla, Joshua, James and myself enjoyed an all staff birthday feast of my design. We had a large salad, roasted sweet potatoes, snap peas, and salmon grilled over a piece of wood. For dessert we had an apple pie with ice cream. They brought it out with some candles and sang happy birthday.

We finished cleaning up around 830 at which point I took the dogs out on their final walk. I was back at 910, I packed up several mini quiches which Molly had prepared as a birthday gift. When I got home I shaved and showered. I did some reading before going to sleep.

Thanks everyone for calling or writing wishing me a happy birthday--I'm having a party at Jon S's house at 212 East 83rd at 10PM this Saturday. If you're reading this you're invited (unless of course your some freak off the internet).


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