Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Tuesday, June 14th 2005

I woke at 745 and made a couple of egg and cheese sandwiches for breakfast. I read the news-- I arrived at HCID at 930am.

I spent almost the entire day updating the resource section of the database. It was so boring. I also helped Brett clean his painted porcelain toilet and sink which we had dragged into the living room. I am going to photograph them tomorrow and send the pictures to Christies.

After meeting with Brett for about a half hour I left at 345. I walked over to NYSC on 86th and did a back workout. I took the train home and stopped in at the supermarket before heading over to my apartment. It was not as hot as I thought it would be; I turned on my a/c. I had gotten the Con Edison bill for this past month and was pleased to learn that my electricity cost was not that much higher than in previous months.

I showered and made some food then relaxed around my place. I washed my bedding and some towels in the laundry downstairs. I watched an episode of Oz--that show is kind of rediculous, the plot line is the very unrealistic.

I read some of the Hamilton biography, very good so far, before going to bed.


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