Monday, June 13, 2005

Sunday, June 12th 2005

I was up earlier but stayed in bed until 10am. I broke the fast and and read the news. Around 12 I went to NYSC on 91st and did 7500m on the erg along with some stretching.

I walked back to 1799 and stopped in at the Stupidmarket on the way home. Puertoricans were going absolutely crazy today, they were everywhere. I took a shower. Around 3 a friend of mine came over for a late lunch. We hung out most of the day around the apartment; she left at 7pm.

I watched an episode of OZ and then met up with Jon S. at his apartment on 86th. I went with him to get some food. I left at 1015 and took the train home. I went to bed at 1120 after reading some of the Alexander Hamilton biography.


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