Sunday, June 19, 2005

Saturday, June 18th 2005

I was up at 845am, I made breakfast and read the news. At 1045am I left for NYSC to do some lifting, rowing, and a little jump rope (for the first time in a couple of months, my ankle is feeling better). I walked to Central Park and drank a shake.

On my way home I stopped at the barbershop to get a haircut. I had to wait for 40 minutes for my guy, I read the Times. In the end I got the same haircut everyone in my neighborhood has.

I was home by 3pm, I showered and ate a large lunch while watching an episode of OZ. At 445 I took the train to 68th Street and walked over to the townhouse to get some dress shirts. I picked up some assorted nuts at 'World of Nuts' and stopped in at the Food Emporium where I purchased three types of cheese, some crackers, and peanut M&M's.

I returned to my apartment, grabbed my camera and Ipod and then went over to Jon's apartment. We picked up all the trash lying around and moved some of the furniture out of the living room and into Jon's bedroom.

We went to Rite Aid where we picked up a lot of beer and some cleaning supplies. I mopped Jon's living room floor, cleaned his kitchen, and did a once over on his bathroom. The place was looking presentable by the time he was finished. I flet dirty after cleaning the shithole and had to go home and shower again.

I was back at 930, I picked up 20lbs of ice on the way over. I put the ice in Jon's sink, set out the food. I set up my Ipod with a playlist I had made on the way over.

Nobody arrived (with the exception of several of Jon's younger fraternity brothers) until 1030. However, the party picked up momentum rapidly. The attendees included: Nisha and friend, Jill and Rustam, Liz, Reess, Adam, Sarah, Bitty and friend (plus Joanne and Bitty's brother), Kyle, Jess and her roomate, Nadia Lui (with Spellman and Wernick), Katie Nicholson and some of her friends, Dave and Nicole, Rachel (the dog walker), Elisa Kantor, Emma and a friend from of hers from Smith, a few friend of Jon's including his BC chick.

The party turned out very well, everyone had a lot of fun--I probably had more than most. The ratio was good, the cheese flowed freely and the libations were plentiful. People were dissapointed that I did not deliver on the West African elephant or Jello pudding--things I had specified would be present at this 'Girls Gone Wild' themed event.

After 2am the party died down a little bit. Dave, Nicole, Adam, Kyle, Jess, Emma and her friend, and myself went to a to a bar around the corner. We stayed there for a little while and then somebody decided we needed to go to Scores on 59th and 1st. Six of us piled into a cab.

We stayed at the Gentleman's establishment until closing (4am). We dispersed at this point. I went uptown with Jess to 96th and then walked over to Jon's apartment to get my keys. My bag had gotten misplaced along with my camera (misplaced or stolen...we have yet to see). Jon and I looked around for a little while. Ultimately I grabbed my spare set of keys and walked home.

I was at my apartment by 615am, I washed my face and hit the sack.


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