Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Tuesday, June 21st 2005

I got up at 815am, I left early for work and ate breakfast at HCID. The day went by slowly. Once again I worked on updating the database of resources.

I was alone in the office until Maegan's arrival around Noon. I put NPR on the radio to keep me company. I also wrote a handful of emails. At 230pm I stepped out of the office and did 10K meters on the erg.

I was expecting to come back to the office, take a cab downtown and deliver some alcohol to a pier on W23rd--one of our Silent Auction Items was a cruise for twenty aboard a 72' sailboat; an event scheduled for today.

Things did not go as planned. The high bidder (who shares a name with the discoverer of the elemant Radium) has proven exceedingly difficult to deal with in the past few weeks. She has complained about the price she paid for the package AND keeps asking for more money for food! (Did I mention her friends are covering the cost of the trip and we are a CHARITY!) I finally managed to appease her and everything looked like it would turn out okay.

Unfortunately, the boat was 2 hours behind schedule. I had to go downtown and change the location of the pickup from the West Side to the East Side. I had to coordinate a waiting area, but worst of all...I had to kiss this ladies ass. She made me go on a bunch of errands for her. Among other things I lugged 60 lbs of ice at least 4 avenues.

I was home by 8pm. I took a shower, watched an episode of Deadwood and went to sleep at 1015.


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