Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Wednesday, June 22nd 2005

I woke up today at 730am. It was a cool morning so I decided to walk to work. I made breakfast on my arrival and began work on the database.

I managed to get a lot done in spite of the time I spent talking on IM. I left at 1230, as Maegan was arriving. I went to NYSC and did some powercleans and some bike riding.

I was home at 230pm. I showered and made a large meal. I sat around most of the afternoon; I did some reading and watched an episode of Deadwood. I left my place at 630 and took the subway to 59th, it had begun to rain again when I got off.

I went to Bed and Bath looking for a large capacity Brita water filter. I didn't buy the one they had because it was too expensive. I did purchase a laundry bag for 'five dolla' at a dry cleaners on the way home.

I read before going to bed. I will try harder to make a better use of my time.


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